Even as a young and new businessman, you do not have to fear negotiations for as long as you know what you are up to and you are firm with your decisions. Only the uninformed and belligerent believes that everything should go in his way without compromise. Therefore, this oftentimes creates a broken relationship in the workplace. To mend broken strings between the management and the staff or among colleagues, negotiation with an output of a good compromise is the key to achieve this.

Part of the negotiation process is being well-informed of the things that can be negotiated and what aspects should be let go. Picking the right battles are good way of assessing whether to go through the negotiation or give up on its onset. Even huge corporations create rules and by-laws to make negotiations as efficient and effective as possible with the great consideration in preventing bad blood and liabilities.

Once you are prepared to negotiate, keep everything simple and only give emphasis on the important details. Do not take a ‘no’ for an answer unless a sufficient and credible reason has been supplied. Ask questions to determine if the other party is giving you an honest explanation or a fabricated one just to get away with it.