There are a significant number of state parks in the United States. Over the years, these state parks have contributed enormously making them a vital factor in our economy. Locally, each state park adds greatly to the gross domestic product of its state. From them, various states are able to generate large incomes. State parks offer unsurpassed outdoor activities that is perfect for friends, families, and even corporate employees for team buildings as well. There are many activities like state park camping, fishing, hiking, and more that people can enjoy. Certainly this is an outdoor breather from the hassles and bustles of the city life.

Where there are state parks, a state’s economy booms and thrives on tourism. State parks contribute to the economy in two ways, revenues and earnings from state park various fees and/or rental; and the employment opportunities they provide for many individuals. This brings up the employment rate of the state, and further increasing the federal government’s revenue and employment rate.

State parks showcase a diverse range of jobs to different individuals. There are administrative positions for typical office suited for accountants, management and personnel analysts, data processing personnel, and labor relations personnel.

State parks also offer facilities positions for architects, civil engineers, mechanics and electricians. There are education and interpretation positions too that are perfect for archivists, librarians, exhibit specialists and more.

The public safety positions in state parks are the ones well-known especially to kids. Peace officer rangers and cadets are always easily recognizable with their uniforms. State parks also have dedicated lifeguards and firefighters. Thousands of people are employed in these jobs and careers offered by state parks. It just goes to show how important these parks are in our economy.