One of the most essential business plans that the business owner has to make is the proper allocation of the amount of money that the business spends for marketing, operations and maintenance. The design of the financial allocation may differ from one business to another but the most important thing to consider in creating the plan is how large is the coverage of the business and how fast do you foresee it to expand. These two important factors that will help you formulate a plan should not only consider revenue but also sales profitability.

Most of the time, business owners do not allocate enough funds for their marketing activities to employ the best marketing strategies available. It is oftentimes misleading to believe that by not putting a large amount of money in marketing will provide bigger savings for the business. This can be wrong because only through marketing can customers learn about what your business can provide them, thus, much better than having savings is incurring huge profits.

It is always effective that by creating a sense of necessity for your products will make people purchase them on a regular basis. Proofs of this can be observed in products such as a deodorant and a cellular phone. Before, people did not feel the need to buy any of the two because they have been able to survive without both. Use of a deodorant did not seem to spell out a need because taking regular baths is known to be sufficient. But when manufacturers of deodorant added a thought of being more hygienic with the use of this product, people nowadays could not seem to get out of the house without using a deodorant. The same principle has been used with cellular phones. Before, a cellular phone is a thing for the rich and was a symbol of luxury. But when the concept of being reached wherever you are whenever you are needed especially on emergency situations, sales of cellular phones skyrocketed. This profitable strategy can only be possible by enforcing a good marketing plan.