Have you ever imagined constructing a high rise building without a blue print at all? Or building a house without a floor plan even? Can you imagine driving to an unknown place with no instructions or map whatsoever? The importance of having a business plan can be likened to all of these. Avoiding any technical jargon, a business plan simply put, is that which determines the blue print, the floor plan, and the map of you business. Don’t go to battle without your sword. If only having a business is as easy as when you get facebook poker chips online, but then it is not.

A business plan sets your goals, or rather your business’ goals. Your business plan will determine the courses of actions that you will undergo over a specific period of time. It will project your production telling you the units or quantity of products to make in relation to the demand of your product. Of course, these figures will be estimates or projections however they are made with basis to your market, your market’s behavior, the trend of your market, and more. You will also project the amount of sales in your business plan. This will include your operating costs and production costs as well allowing you to even compute your projected or estimated net income.

It really pays to set your goals, create your vision and mission, through your business plan. Because later you will go back to this when you need to refocus on your set of goals from time to time that your business is led astray.