To ensure the competitiveness of your online business, web site analysis is a must. Knowing your competitive advantage, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats which include your competition will produce usable metrics and valuable data. This will in turn further aid your business in such a way that the decision makers can use these data on your online business’ strategic planning and goal-setting.

Successfully done, web site analysis can maneuver your online business towards success. Deciding on your niche is the first big step. It entails big decisions and a lot of considerations. Considering first what your competition is and the amount of competition you have will help you design your strategies as opposed to your competition. You can also put attention to your niche’s opportunities. Knowing who your market is - the online traffic or site visitors that you have can also provide you with useful information that you can use to your advantage. There are many available products online that can greatly aid you in analyzing visitor data and provide you with user demographics enabling you to know what the needs and wants of your market are. Being equipped with this, you can further use other products online to help you put relevant content on your online business that will catch the interest of your visitors. Converting these visitors to spending customers is yet another part of your strategy.

Once you attain sustainable web traffic on your site, retaining this becomes a full time job. The World Wide Web is very dynamic and online business must cope with the daily changes and adapt to the ever changing customer preferences as well.